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8th November 2016


Devel Confirm Trend For High Tech ‘Smart Home’ Granny Flats

Sydney based Devel Granny Flats confirm the trend in requests for high tech features to be included in new granny flats currently being commissioned.

The average Australian household has nine connected devices. By 2020, this number is expected to triple to around 29. Home automation, through the use of ‘smart home’ products is a natural progression in the evolution of technology and new home designs.

Amazon’s ‘Echo’ and Google’s ‘Google Home’ are just two of the more popular ‘smart home’ devices that have appeared to service the residential market recently. The lucrative nature of this niche has seen an exponential growth in other providers bringing competing offerings.

Mr Geoff, Founder of Devel Granny Flats said, “We have been monitoring Google’s advancements in home technology solutions and ensuring that our range of granny flats can incorporate any client ‘smart home’ technology request.” He went on to say, “Our keeping pace with advancements in residential technology mirrors our commitment to bringing the very best competed residence we possibly can for clients.”

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications provider has recognised the need for the latest technology in residential solutions that improve convenience and safety in the home. The recent showcasing of their ‘smart home’ services in Channel 9’s ‘The Block’ program has given viewers a look at what is coming to market in this area.

Mr John Chambers, Telstra’s Executive Director of Home and Premium Services in a recent media comment said, “ ‘smart home’ technologies have a role to play in broader smart city initiatives, and data collected in homes – particularly energy management and health data.’ Telstra is looking to provide a new ‘smart home’ platform to users of its network by the end of 2016. Some features will include allowing users to control various devices and features of their home through a mobile application.

It has been reported that the trend toward home automation is currently in exponential growth in America, with circa 30 million households (out of 1,246 million homes) looking to embrace ‘smart home’ technology by mid-2017.

Mr Geoff said, “We have noticed a lift in enquiry for increased technology features to be included in our projects to enhance family safety via the likes of high tech security systems and video monitoring being installed. Requests for voice activated lighting and curtain control have also been on the increase as these get featured in the latest Home and Garden type magazines.”

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